Who are Boiling Point?

In no particular order we are:

Alastair McNamara (vocals and keyboard)

I am the lead singer for the band. I have to be honest, Boiling Point is by far the best thing I do with my time. I really enjoy writing lyrics — in a way it's therapeutic because you can get things off your chest, while being ambiguous enough to get away with it. I love doing gigs, especially at the Junction, just because it's a proper, professional venue. If I end up making a living from being a singer in a decent band I'll be happy!

Thomas Betts (bass guitar and keyboard)

I play bass and keyboard. I really enjoy coming together with the band and just playing every Friday — the gigs just make it better. We all have great fun, though at practice we have to focus. Often that's just as much fun, as we do more than we otherwise would.

Freddy Smith (lead guitar)

I'm Freddy and I play lead guitar. I love writing new songs and trying to push the boundaries with each new piece. Gigs of course have to be the most fun, simply the rush you get on stage makes it all worth while. I take my inspiration from guitarists such as Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates simply because he can play and write beautifully.

Tom Wallace (drums)

I've been playing the drums for 2 years and I really enjoy it. I am basically self-taught and love playing in the band and performing at gigs. My drumming influence is Chad Smith, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer. I like his music and will try to play like him some day.

Tommy Fryer (rhythm guitar)

I have played guitar for about four years. I enjoy listening to lots of bands from Led Zeppelin to Eminem. My main musical influences are Muse and Linkin Park because they both have very original music styles — they are probably the bands I listen to the most. I don’t like most R&B and pop. I also (try to) play the piano, imitating Muse’s Matt Bellamy on both piano and guitar. My favourite gig I have played in is the Junction Fiver gig, where we played in April 2011.

Boiling Point Band Members

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